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I founded the James P. Huber Veterans Foundation in 2012 for the purpose of providing funding and equipment to support the recreation therapy programs sponsored by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  The Department of Veterans Affairs has determined that therapeutic recreation promotes health and wellness along with reducing or eliminating activity limitations and restrictions caused by an illness or disabling condition.

Last year the VA Recreation Therapy Department in Salt Lake City spent over $25,000 so that disabled veterans from the Great Basin and surrounding Rocky Mountain area could participate in activities ranging from river rafting, horseback riding, and camping to photography, gardening, and creative writing. It enabled veterans to attend local festivals and farmers markets. And it sent local veterans to the VA’s national summer and winter Sports Clinics and the Creative Arts Festival.

Along with other disabled veterans, I have had the opportunity to enjoy many of these programs. I have also been disappointed when activities have been cancelled due to lack of funding. So I have decided to reach out to the community to help fund these programs on a recurring basis. My goal for the next year is to fund and equip these programs in the Great Basin and Rocky Mountain area.  My long-term dream is to be able to fund VA recreation therapy programs across the country. 

The James P. Huber Veterans Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. All of the funding that we provide goes to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, designated to the recreation therapy programs.  We are 100% volunteer and do not use paid fundraisers of any kind.  You can view our latest financial information and founding documents at Accountability page

Jim Huber, Chairman and Founder

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The Recreational Therapy Department at the George E. Wahlen Veterans Hospital in Salt Lake City provides opportunities for disabled Veterans to learn new skills, reintegrate into civilian life, and nurture physical and emotional well-being through independence, esprit de corps and personal development.

The Salt Lake Rec Therapy Department is staffed by five professional rec therapists who work directly with Veterans so as to identify their needs and to organize activities that are facilitated by area professionals and are fun, productive, and edifying to all.

Sadly, this valuable program is underfunded, resulting in the cancellation of many activities. Furthermore, many Vets are not financially able or well-equipped to participate. Some have transportation issues. The James P. Huber Veterans Foundation has, in its two years of operation, funded or provided equipment and clothing, covered entrance fees, paid for gas and lodging, and given stipends to people donating services, among other things. We also strive to raise awareness in the community at large to the needs and experiences of Veterans.

Such programs have been found to enhance the lives and health of Veterans struggling with depression, low self-esteem, PTSD, disabilities, anxiety, dependencies, homelessness, and so forth.

Please help us make the Rec Therapy programs stronger and more accessible to a greater number of Veterans by donating money, equipment, and services, or by spreading the word!


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