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In these art sessions, Veterans who’ve returned home with challenging emotional and physical issues are immersed in a non-verbal, non-judgmental experience which can be effective in reducing stress, anxiety, sadness, and loneliness. Such relief can in turn lead participants to reconnect with family and friends.


  • Reframing negative thinking
  • Enhancing self-worth
  • Positive socialization
  • A safe environment in which to explore and express
  • Finding value and meaning in purposeful activities
  • Discovering new interests and skills
  • Improving the overall quality of life

Deep-seated traumas and memories, when recognized rather than denied, may be very difficult to articulate verbally. Art Therapy takes Vets to peaceful places where fears and pains can be confronted and dealt with creatively instead of destructively.


                                    WAR                                          ART

                                           hurts                                                        heals

                                          is noisy                                                     is quiet

                                         destroys                                                  constructs

                                         deadens                                                  stimulates

                                         is chaotic                                             is contemplative

                                 denies humanity                                    celebrates humanity

                                 rases individuality                                nurtures individuality

                                    kills the soul                                            feeds the soul

                                     conceals                                                    enlightens

                                        ends                                                           renews

                                      divides                                                         unites

                                        is fear                                                         is free




and ETU

Registered art therapist Ida Yoked, MPS, ATR-BC, has an MA from Prat Institute, NYC. Among other positions in NY and NJ, she was director of Creative Art Therapies and Project Us, a consumer-oriented psychosocial club house.

At ETU, she coordinates services for special needs populations, as well as workshops for educators and academic institutions.

Expressive Therapies Utah’s mission is to bring the highest quality art and music services to the community, with the therapeutic relationship the catalyst for change, and to accept and understand the individual’s unique journey. 


Here’s what participants have to say:

Female Veteran who travels one hour to attend: “I don’t have a lot of trust in therapists or doctors. I have felt a lot of stress in other art groups were I needed to do things in a certain way in order to make the instructor happy. But this group has been totally different. I get to express myself the way I want to. I can breathe and relax. I can say  that I have built trust in therapy because of this group.”

Male Veteran who travels two hours to attend: “I haven’t created art since I was a kid. I thought I’d try something new by coming to this group. I’m amazed at some of the things coming out of me.”

Female Veteran: My anxiety levels are usually so high that my doctors thought I might have a heart attack. Coming to this group is the only time I leave the house. I’m not the best artist, but that’s okay. I feel relaxed when making art. I just love being here.”

The James P. Huber Veterans Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity founded in 2012 for the purpose of providing funding and equipment to support the recreation therapy programs sponsored by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. These programs allow disabled veterans to participate in activities related to the outdoors, the arts, sports, and community events.



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